CORFAC & Spacelist Partnership

CORFAC has partnered with Spacelist to sync your listings to Spacelist for FREE using our integration with Buildout. CORFAC members also receive an exclusive 25% discount off their first year of Spacelist Pro.

Don’t use Buildout? No problem! Spacelist Engine can power the listings on your website for only $400/yr! 

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How Does It Work?

What if I don't use Buildout?

No problem! If you don’t use Buildout you can use Spacelist Engine to power the listing section of your website for only $400yr! Engine is included when you upgrade to a Pro account, so you get all the benefits of Pro as well! 

We offer a special integration with Buildout that also allows your listings to be sync’d to Buildout, which allows for your listings to appear on the CORFAC website. Please contact us to learn more at

What is Spacelist's partnership with CORFAC?

CORFAC has partnered with Spacelist to advertise your commercial listings at no cost to the member. Your brokerage can opt in to send your brokerage’s commercial listings using Buildout. Once you have enabled syndication, there are no additional action or steps you need to take. The team at Spacelist made it easy by automatically creating accounts to manage your listings and leads, as well as take advantage of Spacelist Pro services.

How do I set up syndication in Buildout?

Click Here or scroll down the page to view details on enabling syndication in your Buildout account. 

Listings that are syndicated from Buildout are sent to Spacelist in real-time. Any time a listing is added, edited, or removed in Buildout it’ll also update on Spacelist (usually within a few minutes). 

Is there any cost to syndicate to Spacelist?

No, all your listings are automatically added/updated through Spacelist’s integration with Buildout.

If you want to use Spacelist premium services such as Spacelist Pro, as a CORFAC member, you will receive an exclusive 25% off for the first year of your annual subscription (excludes existing Pro users). To receive this discount, please contact

Spacelist Overview

What is Spacelist?

Founded in 2012, Spacelist’s mission is to make commercial real estate more accessible and efficient for both real estate professionals and businesses searching for space. Spacelist provides a free and easy to use listing platform to over a million unique visitors annually in Canada and is quickly scaling in the US. Spacelist also powers Economic Development Organizations across North America, as well as leading digital content sites (i.e. Retail Insider) with its listings Engine.

What free services and discounts do I get?

CORFAC members get access to all Spacelist’s free listing and lead generation features, as well as access to real-time market insights via Spacelist Analytics, which you can learn more about here. To access Analytics, please log in to your account on Spacelist and go to Menu > Analytics. 

CORFAC members also receive a 25% discount off their first year of Spacelist Pro. Please contact for more information.

What is Spacelist’s Data Sharing Initiative?

All companies that syndicate listings to Spacelist are eligible for Spacelist’s Data Sharing Initiative. This program provides free open-access to our listing database, monthly activity reporting and real-time insights via Spacelist Analytics.

How do I Sign In to Spacelist?

To sign in to Spacelist for the first time, simply go to, click ‘Sign In’ at the top right, enter your email, and click “Forgot Password”. Follow the instructions to set your new password. If you are not prompted with a “Welcome Back” message after entering your email, you are not using the email provided by Buildout. Please confirm the email address of your account in the Buildout and try again. If you need further assistance, please contact

Spacelist Pro

Want the most exposure for your listings? Upgrade to Pro for a 30% ranking boost!

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Spacelist Analytics

Gain actionable insights into real-time market activity for commercial listings.

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Spacelist Engine

Manage listings on your website using Spacelist’s powerful listing tool.

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Buildout Syndication with Spacelist


For Brokers

1. Select “Profile” in the top right menu, and then click “Syndication” on the left menu – or Click Here.
2. Find Spacelist under Available Channels and click “Connect Account”.
3. Make sure your individual listings are syndicated, which can be done by editing a listing and clicking on the Syndicate checkbox (see video above).

For Administrators

1. Find your users profile under Account > Manage Company on the Users tab.
2. Select a user whose listings you want to syndicate, and go to the syndication tab to find Spacelist.
3. Click ‘Connect Account.’
4. Enter YOUR Spacelist email/password (not the brokers).
5. Make sure individual listings are syndicated, which can be done by editing a listing and clicking on the Syndicate checkbox (see video above) in the Settings section.

NOTE: You will need to be given “Can Manage Company” permission in Buildout in order to be able to edit the syndication settings of other users. This can be adjusted for you by any user in your company who already has this permission enabled.

PHOTOS: When connecting syndication for a listing, make sure to check the box to syndicate all photos if you have permission to.

New Spacelist Users: If you do NOT have a Spacelist account yet, one will be created for you automatically with the Email and Password you enter when prompted by Buildout.


I can't access 'Company Settings'?

You will need to be given “Can Manage Company” permission in Buildout in order to be able to edit the syndication settings of other users. This can be adjusted for you by any user in your company who already has this permission enabled.

Once this permission is enabled, you will need to connect the syndication for each broker individually, as each broker has their own unique syndication settings. These can be found by going to Company Settings > Users > and clicking on a user to go to their profile settings. From there, you can go to the Syndication tab and connect Spacelist.

The syndication panel shows I am connected to Spacelist, but my listings are not on Spacelist.

Check that your listings are not expired, as the listing must be active. To make the listing active again change the date and syndicate the listing again.

After connecting my Buildout account to Spacelist, how long before my listings appear on Spacelist?

It may take up to 30minutes for updates on Buildout to appear on Spacelist.

I made changes to my listing on Buildout but they are not updating on Spacelist.

Please contact your account representative at Buildout, or you can email with the Spacelist listing ID and we’ll look into the issue.

Why are my listing photos not appearing on Spacelist?

When you create or edit a listing on Buildout, there is a checkbox next to each image to Syndicate it. If you syndicate those images with your listing you agree that you are not using copyrighted images.

When I delete syndicated listings in Buildout they are not deleting on Spacelist

To remove a property you must first taking it off market. If you stops syndication first, you’ll need to first re-enable it, then take it off market, then disable syndication once again.