Actionable Insights & Critical Markets Trends

Easily visualize listing activity trends and market demand insights in real-time throughout North America. 

Spacelist Analytics for Only $500/year!

comparelocations_iconCompare Locations

Market trends can be compared between two cities or regions to identify new opportunities. 

downloadreporticonExport Reports

Easily download and share customized charts and reports with clients and colleagues.

filtericon_1Custom Filters

Select the exact criteria you'd like to filter and save them to be used at any time.

charticonListing Price & Size 

Average asking base rent per sf, total available space, and a breakdown of space sizes are included.

charticonDemand Type & Size

Analytics are provided for company size, desired space size, as well as business status and type of space. 

comparelocations_iconNationwide Coverage

Each subscription can include coverage of all of Canada and/or all of the United States. 



Listing Activity and Trends

Everything you need to know about listings coming on and off the market, across Canada, for all asset types. Includes listings added, removed, and all listing details - by city, province or on a national level.


Market Demand & Insights

Gain insights on businesses across Canada leasing or buying property within the next 3-12 months. From industry to company size, get an in depth look into these businesses and their commercial space needs.


Looking for a Data API or Listing Reports?
Listings data is available via CSV reports and an easy to use API endpoint.